Reflection From Delhi out and About EXPL

1. How is this exploratory helping you inunderstanding Delhi’s historical background, architecture, culture, and traditions followed? (Talk about the research you did for the slideshow on “Delhi and its Seven Cities”, and kahoot. Describe your experience about the two projects mentioned.)

  This exploratory is helping me with Delhi’s historical background, architecture, culture, and traditions by going to the Gandhi Smirti to teach us traditions and cultures. The Parliament, India Gate, and Old Delhi helped us with historical background and architecture. My experience with the Seven Cities Project was very nice. In the Seven Cities project we researched information about 2 Cities we were assigned by Ms. Ahuja and made a slide show about it to share with the class. My experience with Kahoot was very fun. We made question about a certain topic Ms. Ahuja assigned us to about India and made questions about them in Google, Slides, after that we would make a quiz using an online website called Kahoot and share it with the class by having the participate in the quiz.

2. Express your views about the field trips taken so far. (Constructive feedback, like how did it help you with your learning). 

   I think the field trips taken so far were very good. I especially enjoyed old Delhi because there were a lot of monuments and interesting buildings. The place that helped me the most with learning was the Gandhi Smirti because we had a guide explaining new facts to us. I think that the parliament trip was also nice, describing the architecture.

3. Describe one exciting memory from class based on the projects or the trips attended.

     One exciting memory from the projects we have done is creating questions for our Kahoot. It was very exciting because we got to create the questions, not just the teachers. It was also exciting because we could quiz other students on it. 

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