A Prehistoric Message — 65 Million Years in the Making | By Rahul


Jurassic Park. A familiar story for most. A classic about men with great power. Men with ambitions which may go too far. In the end, these characteristics boil down to disaster. “God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates Dinosaurs. Dinosaurs… eat Man…” Today, we have found cutting edge technology. We obtained the power to control everything. We have found so many different means of getting around. However, in all these cases, we have harmed the environment. When you look around you, you are dying. You are dying quicker than expected. Who do you have to blame? Us. Yourself as well. Humans create technology. Technology eats humans… We all know that a human being controlled by technology is not in the best position. Nonetheless, how are we related to Jurassic Park?

Most people say that “Jurassic Park” by Michael Crichton tells us that “life finds a way”. However, there is a much deeper story that is being conveyed in the plot of “Jurassic Park”. The famous “Jurassic Park” from 1993 was a warning from Crichton about the twenty-first century. He had told us that something that we create will bite us back in the years to come. Wondering what creations of ours backfired? Well… here they are.

The internal combustion engine (ICE), energy gathered from coal, and oil used to power cars. The various innovations of ours which have had horrible consequences on the environment. These are our dinosaurs. We have engineered them to make money for us, and to give us the luxuries of modern day life. Behind our back, like the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park started breeding, technology has begun to harm the world around us. Once the operators of Jurassic Park took action, it was too late. In the present, we have not yet taken sufficient action. People will only take the required amount of action when it is too late. The dinosaurs will kill. Technology too, will kill. Michael Crichton’s book tried to communicate these issues to us. It told us that in the 21st century, it would be too late. When you ask experts around the world, many will tell you that we have passed our deadline. We have not done our homework. We were warned, but we will be turning in our work days after the due date. Just as Jurassic Park did. Something Michael Crichton’s world famous novel conveyed. However, dinosaurs are not the only creatures that played a part in telling us we might be doomed.

One of the most famous quotes present in both the Jurassic Park book and film, is “You wield genetic power like a kid who’s found his dad’s gun”. Here, Ian Malcolm is referring to InGen’s (the company running the park) idea of creating a ‘Biological Reserve’ as an irresponsible act. A common stereotype is that kids may not always be the most responsible little people in the world. The child may not know how to handle a gun, or may not know of the consequences the gun has. In Jurassic Park, the scientists from InGen create dinosaurs. The geneticists have almost no idea about what these dinosaurs can do. Can they breed without males? Can they swim? We have done the exact same thing today. We created petrol, diesel, and coal plants. We had no idea about how much the oils would pollute. We had no clue about the limits to which we could control the world around us. We are an irresponsible little kid who has found their dad’s gun. We were an uncautious little child who does not know that guns kill people. “Jurassic Park” is telling us the story of 21st century. The story is telling us that we have lost control. The scientists of Jurassic Park made errors in their calculations. Dinosaurs escaped. In the modern world, we did not anticipate that petrol my warm and pollute the earth to dangerous levels when they were advent. This shows us that Crichton made a story which told us that disaster is imminent. The book was a sign, reading: “Proceed with caution!”

Michael Crichton really did warn us. One of the best selling books in history has warned us. The book had all the sentences and phrases in place. There were so many predictions about the modern world. Dinosaurs were just secondary. Sure, ‘life finds a way’. However, the real meaning of a book is always found deeper in the text. In this book, the author wanted to tell us that something was wrong, but not scare us by saying it explicitly. The plot of “Jurassic Park” is set up in a way which is relatable to real life. The book had the plot of the modern world. The book was an example, a warning, about the modern world. It is important to realise that something may not have been intentional, but they still make it into a book. The chances of Michael Crichton warning us on purpose are slim. However, literature allows for themes which even the author did not know about. In this way, “Jurassic Park” warns us of the future (now present) which is (or has already come) to come.

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