Fantasy Sneak Peek

     Velo’s mom whispered, “The people who created us called it the ‘Indominuscephalosaurus.’” The Indominuscephalosaurus stared at us, and started communicating with us, even the Velociraptors could understand it, proving that it was part Velociraptor! I looked at my stone with the DNA symbol on it, it had started to glow! Suddenly, Velo grew spikes along his back and long feathers appeared on his body! He leaped onto the Indominuscephalosaurus and started to bite it as hard as he could, but just at that second three helicopters flew over us, followed by more and more! Had the army sent people to kill the dinosaurs? I didn’t want the dinosaurs to become extinct, again! I had to save the dinosaurs somehow, but… how? Suddenly an idea came to my mind! I would have to tame every dinosaur on the island, even the Indominuscephalosaurus! 

     I called out to Velo, “Just try to knock it out so it faints!” My stone with the DNA symbol started glowing and Velo’s mom grew spikes down her back and feathers! She too jumped onto the Indominuscephalosaurus, and finally after one hour! Yes, after exactly one hour of biting and scratching and clawing, the Indominuscephalosaurus finally fainted!

     I think this is my best writing because it creates a lot of tension and starts the main problem of the story. Also, because it gives a point to the first part of the story where I am training in the army. It adds more too since I tame a ‘Genetically Modified Hybrid!’ These paragraphs also add a more Sci-Fi look to the story, because nothing could evolve that quickly in real life. It also gives some hints that humans created these dinosaurs for sure, and that my idea was correct.

ES Cafeteria Painting Reflection

This is my thinking of the ES Cafeteria soundscape.


• The red and orange lines represent areas that are super loud in the cafeteria (where everyone is eating because those areas are loud).
• The yellow and magenta lines represent areas that are not as loud but are still quite loud (the place where you get your food).
• The blue, indigo, turquoise and violet lines represent calm and very soft areas (near the sinks).
• The line separating the warm colour lines and the cold colour lines shows the border between loud places and softer places.


In class we started to learn about biomes. I enjoyed it a lot because I could learn interesting things about biomes. For example, I learned that if a natural fire lights up in a Savannah (Grassland, Plains) the fire burns down all the trees but some grass survives and also grass grows back before any other plant does. I got this information by reading books (non fiction) and then noting down the facts I learned in my Topic Studies (science) notebook.


Design Delhi Challenge

I liked the Delhi Design Challenge because it’s all about creativity and challenges. At the end though I ran out of ideas for names, that’s why I named one of my streets “Blank Street” meaning that I didn’t have ideas for what to name it and because there weren’t a lot of buildings on that street.
In the top left section I made a big square and a small square because they are not congruent (same shape and same size) which follows the conditions of the Delhi Design Challenge. And, the same with the other ones because according to the conditions there is no building which can be congruent.