Makerspace Mosiacs

         Our Ancient Greek unit is near its end with our project. We,were given a choice to make either a mosiac, jewellery, or paint on vases. I felt that this was a really enjoyable way to learn about Ancient Greece. The Mosiacs were hard to make, but I found it completely worthwhile! Something I might change is my planning. I came to class with my refernece, but should have probably sketched out the shape on a paper at home and and then put tiles in afterwards in school. Learning about Ancient Greek culture through art was an amazing experience! A improvement for next year would be being able to draw a Greek scenario on a piece of paper, for those who love drawing.

Makerspace Catapult Reflection

         My experience with the Catapult project was amazing and really helped me experiment with my knowledge of physics. I enjoyed this project, and felt good taking a break and building something. This was also my first time in the Makerspace. I also enjoyed working with a few different people than usual. Something that could be improved is the amount of materials each group gets. If everyone had the same amount, we could see who makes the most effective Catapult from those materials. This might make it more challenging and interesting.

Monarchy and Oligarchy

         Monarchy was a form of government during Ancient Greece, where the king could tell his subjects to do anything he wanted. In Monarchies the leader was decided by hereditary means. Oligarchy was another form of government in Ancient Greece where there would be a group of leaders who discussed matters among each other before taking action. In this form of government anybody who highly supported the Oligarchies, either Aristocrats or Middle Class could join the leadership system. 
         The advantages of a Monarchy are the following: A high level of discipline, at least somebody is in control and not all is chaos, high organization, and no effort in choosing who the next leader is since Monarchies were hereditary. The disadvantages of a Monarchy are the following: No public choice, no rights, paying the king high taxes, nobody can go against the king’s bad decisions, if something bad happens the king can blame anybody.
         The advantages of an Oligarchy are the following: Not all the weight of power is on one person, the Aristocrats who did not rule had an advantage since they were friends of the rulers, if one Oligarch made a bad decision the others could stop it, you could run away since it would take the Oligarchs time to decide what do with you if you did something bad. The disadvantages of an Oligarchy are the following: There is a lot of arguing which might lead to a war, peasants have less freedom since the Aristocrats are the Oligarchs friends allowing them to ask for more money, the arguing of the leaders could lead to them being unaware of possible threats.
         As we can see, both forms of government had a sufficient amount of disadvantages and advantages. Monarchies however, in my opinion probably had more reliable defense. Monarchs did not have to argue with anyone so they could be aware of possible threats. In terms of fairness, I would have to go with the Oligarchy form of government because theoretically anyone could be one. Also a bad decision could be ruled out in Oligarchies while in Monarchies they could not. Both these forms of government however, declined over time, and new types of government were introduced.

Service Day Reflection

         During the ice cream simulation, I noticed that the chocolate group was desperate for space and always wanted to migrate to a new ‘ice cream country.’ I also noticed that the strawberry group raised the fee for entering higher and higher every time they expanded their city. The vanilla group seemed to be very confident, as they could basically control where the chocolate group went. The vanilla group also seemed to be working more peacefully than the other groups. The vanilla group also worked on 2 different cities and got money for building schools, banks, and universities. My biggest takeaway was that being middle class was very comfortable and less stressful, but the rich are always greedy and have no problem with the poor going bankrupt. In the middle class, I found myself trying to convince our leader to let the chocolate group through our land.

Voices of the River Valley

I think things could have gone better and I could have had a more detailed speech set up and I could have more information. I also think that I did well on giving people a overall understanding of the spectacular features of the Great Wall of China. I really enjoyed this unit since I have really wanted to go to the Great Wall of China and learn more about it. I enjoyed using green screen because it was able to detect my face and body and even the chair and put into my background, to me it was just outstanding.

Cuneiform Writing

     In class today we wrote something in cuneiform. I would actually say that getting the clay into a tablet shape was the hardest part. Cuneiform is very important because it was one of the very first languages, which means it was one of the main base languages that have given us the ability to communicate with each other freely. Basically Cuneiform form was one of the base languages that all the other languages came from.